Wednesday, May 17, 2006

“ഇന്ന്‌“ ഇന്‍‌ലാന്‍‌ഡ് മാഗസിന്‍

“ഇന്ന്‌“ ഇന്‍‌ലാന്‍‌ഡ് മാഗസിനെപ്പറ്റി....
Innu' is 25 years old
Readers' support has been its working capital all these years

Inland magazines are like butterflies - pretty, small-sized and doomed to a
short life. But `Innu' (Today) published from Malappuram is different. It is
celebrating 25 years of eventful existence. Says its Editor Manambur Rajan
Babu: "This is a world record. To my knowledge, no inland magazine has
survived this long. Readers' support is the fuel that has kept `Innu' going
all these years.

`Innu' has no working capital, not even subscription rates. Anyone residing
in the country who sends postage stamps worth Rs.20 gets it free for one
year and for postage stamp worth Rs.150 you can get it if you are living
outside the country.

"The last 25 years have been tough," reminisces Mr. Rajan Babu. "But I
always have had the freedom to choose the right type of material for
publication without interference from market forces," he says.

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